Science Jams

Science Jams at Contra Costa College are intersession programs designed to give students intense and comprehensive overviews of curriculum and practice for introductory anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics courses.

Each Science Jam has its strengths and benefits for students interested in taking a science course at Contra Costa College. Completion of a Jam will provide the student with the benefits listed below.

Science Jam Components

Jams are designed to give students an introductory overview of what they would be expected to cover during the semester. From concepts to mathematical conversions and formulas, students convert curriculum and practice into hands on activities and exploration working side by side with classmates and your professor.

STEM Counseling

Students will get to work with counselors in workshops designed to develop students' best academic practices for success and provide information on educational planning and campus resources.

Science Jam Benefits

Students who successfully complete their Science Jam course will recieve a science text book on loan for their upcoming semester science course.