Metas Program

Changing Lives...
...One at a Time

Our Vision

The Metas program is FREE for all students that enroll. Our program offers academic tutoring and classes that focus on student success skill building, college, major, and career exploration. We aspire to instill in all our students a positive self esteem and growth mindset.

Our Approach

Metas has been able to boost high school graduation rates for all our seniors over the last 30+ years. Our culture of familia and life long learning has left lasting impressions on our students. Students graduating from Metas leave a trail of inspiration for the next generation of students to follow and continue to volunteer in our program.

Program Components

Homework Support

Each semester we accept over 250 students who range from preschool to 12th grade. Of the 250 students, we put each grade group into cohorts of 30-40 students and pair them with tutors and instructors that help them with their school work and academic development. Metas’ tutoring requires students to bring homework, past exams, quizzes, and assignments from subjects where they need additional support. Tutors and teachers also assist in helping students build their time management and organizational skills.

STEM Exploration

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day is full of hands-on workshops and experiments that are designed to create curiosity and excitement in STEM. Most workshops are presented by college students and industry professionals to encourage students to explore STEM as an academic pathway.

Cultural Exploration

Metas offers an academic enrichment course that takes place after tutoring. This course allows students to explore culturally relevant topics to inform and empower them through their educational journey.

4th through 6th grade students focus on broadening perspective about fields in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 7th and 8th graders focus on creating a safe space to explore student interests and self perception of the world.

9th through 12th grade students focus on their pathway to college through major, degree, career, and college exploration. They receive hands on support in their college application process. They also learn how to access various academic resources (financial aid, scholarships, etc.).