High School STEM Connection

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High School STEM Connection (HSSC) is a program directed by the STEM Center at Contra Costa Community College. HSSC is a dual enrollment program which allows 9th grade - 11th grade students the opportunity to enroll in college STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classes while in high school and earn both college units and high school credits.

HSSC Agreements

HSSC Eligibility- To be eligible student must:

  • Be in 9th-12th grade during Fall and Spring
  • Be in 9th-11th grade during Summer
  • Must be a WCCUSD student
  • Interested in pursuing a STEM Major/Career
  • Must Complete both HSSC application and Metas Application Packets
  • Must attend Orientation and all Mandatory Events

Attendance- Student Agrees to:

  • Attend ALL required lecture and lab times ON TIME
  • Attend ALL required Tutoring times
  • Must notify both the STEM center and Professor if you will be absent

Missing 3 or more times of either class and tutoring will lead to immediate disqualification

HSSC Academic Standing- Student Agrees to:

  • Maintain a grade of C or higher
  • Complete a minimum of 2 Student Success Coach Meetings
  • Attend all Metas Saturday Sessions (not required during summer)

Progress Reports- Student Agrees to:

  • Turn in a progress report ON TIME!
  • Meet with a college counselor if have grade is below a “C”
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