Math 122

Algebra for STEM Students

Classes Start January 28, 2018

Beginning & Intermediate Algebra for STEM Students

Math 118 + Math 120

= Math 122

Math 122 is intended to prepare and accelerate STEM students into Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses that are required for transfer to a STEM major at a 4-year college.


Complete TWO semester of math in One SEMESTER.


This class is for students who are interested in majoring in Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Aerospace, Civil & Mechanical Engineer, Astronomy, and Mathematics.

What participants will receive:

1. Free textbook on loan for the semester.

2. Free tutoring.

3. In class tutor to help you.

4. Access to a counselor specializing in STEM


5. Complete TWO semesters of math in one.



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